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Park Hours and What They Represent

When deciding when to visit the Disneyland Resort, park hours should be the number one guide for estimating attendance. Planners at the Resort will usually offer increased hours when they expect larger crowds. For example the normal hours deep in the off-season are usually 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., compared to 8 a.m. to Midnight for the average summer day. Operating hours are a very clear indication of what attendance is expected for a given day.

On Season

The on season is best known as that time when the Disneyland Resort sees its largest crowds. Vacation periods are created with federal holidays and the long summer break afforded to most school children. The Disneyland Resort is a very popular choice for families and groups looking for something to do on their much-deserved time off and the crowds definitely show this.

When Is It?

Traditionally the on season shows is longest sustained attendance rates during the summer, which runs Memorial Day weekend in the end of May until Labor Day weekend during the first week of September. Holiday periods are no exception to the increased numbers of guests. Presidents Day weekend in February, the weeks around Easter/Spring Break in March or April, Thanksgiving weekend at the end of November, and Christmas Day until New Years Day in December often mirror the crowds seen during the summer. There will also be a few periods of time throughout the year where the Resort will see increased guest traffic due to special events or other unexpected time-off traffic.

What's Offered?

While these times are the busiest of the year, they are a great opportunity to see all of the shows the Resort is offering. The Resort looks too keep all guests entertained, even when there are large crowds. During the on season the Resort will offer its full slate of entertainment features from its daytime entertainment to the nighttime spectaculars.


The on season does have its fluctuations in attendance with the lightest crowds from Tuesday to Thursday during the week. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest time with later hours and peak attendance. The parks are open late every night, usually until midnight, during the on season. Guests should be prepared for the crowds and hot temperatures


Summertime is definitely a good time to visit for those guests who would like to see the Resort's largest shows and do not mind if they cannot ride every attraction. For those guests who would like to get on as many rides as possible and must visit during the summertime, it can be done but must be planned out accordingly. Most guests dislike this season because of how busy it is, but it depends on the attitude and expectations of the guest. Here are a few tips for guests entering the park during the on season:

Guests should ensure the family is well rested and gets a good night's sleep before the big day(s) at the parks so that crankiness is kept to a minimum.

Guests should not enter the park expecting to ride every ride or see every show, as this is just not possible on a busy on season day. Guests who are aware of this and come just to enjoy the day will have a much more relaxed time.

Guests with young children should be aware of the different attractions for children and adults, and should try not to get frustrated if a child wants to spend hours in one location of the park.

It is recommended to plan a break during the middle of the day, when the park is the busiest and the hottest. For guests staying at a hotel close to The Disneyland Resort, it is a good idea to return and take a rest. Another relaxing option is to visit one of the less popular attractions in the parks. Often a short rest or period of relaxation is well needed and well deserved, and guests should not hesitate to take one in the middle of the day.


A favorite of Resort regulars, the off-season offers small crowds with a very relaxed atmosphere. The off-season includes all the time periods that are not listed above as part of the on season. The off-season is a great time for guests who would like to visit the parks without all the crowds and who don't mind missing some of the more popular shows.

Weekdays during the off-season (excluding some Fridays) don't usually have much in the way of entertainment. There is some daytime entertainment, but nothing large and the parks are usually not open past 6 or 8 in the evening. Weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) will typically include most of the summertime shows. The parks are open until 10 p.m. or midnight. Guests who cannot visit during the week should visit on Sunday, which offers all the same shows that Saturday does but without the crowds. Sunday's are also only open until about 10 p.m. as opposed to Saturday's midnight.

Guests who dislike crowds should try to stay away from the park on Saturdays, as it may get as busy as summer days. This is a great time to visit for guests who are willing to take their child out of school. Since the attendance is much lower a day at the park(s) becomes less taxing, which helps to provide more energy to keep going for longer periods of time.


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